In Memoriam

Wolstonbury Hill is a place loved by many people. Some of those people are remembered here.

Bob Phillips
Bob died after a tragic work accident in 2007. He was a regular on Wolstonbury. Friends of Wolstonbury would like to thank Bob's widow Julie, daughter Rhiannon & son Morgan for their generous donation to help us continue our work.

Steve Witts
Steve was one of the founder members of Friends of Wolstonbury and worked enthusiastically as the membership secretary. Steve regularly attended tasks day and was very much at home stoking large bonfires on the hill. Friends of Wolstonbury would like to thank Steve's family for the donation used to restore the Dew pond following Steve's death in 2012.

Peter Hedge
Peter was a regular attendee both at committee meetings and at task days. He was a keen botanist and who would share his knowledge when out on Wolstonbury with other members of the group. Peters death followed shortly after Steve's in 2012.

Robert McHardy
Bob, to people who knew him, was a keen cyclist and conservationist who was a regular attendee at task days. He said he liked Friends of Wolstonbury because we provided better refreshments than other groups he worked with. He would arrive come rain or shine on his bike with his bow saw strapped to the crossbar. Bob died in 2013 following a cycling accident in Hassocks.

If you know of anyone who should be remembered here or would like to make a bequest or donation to help Friends of Wolstonbury continue their valuable work, please contact on of our members mentioned on the Contact Us page of this web site.

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